Space (in FTWZ, custom bonded & General) in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Mundra, Gurgaon etc. Expertise that reduces redistribution costs of Transportation and handling fees. Professional services ensuring safe arrival of product anywhere, any time constant availability of your products. Synergy Express Logistics is a full-service warehousing and distribution company specializing in the handling of imports and export cargo by air and by the ocean for our clients with warehousing and distribution needs. Not only do our services suit the domestic distribution needs for local and national companies, but also for distribution and order fulfillment of International Companies that do not maintain a presence here in India.

Warehousing Services

  • Bonded & General Ware House
  • Free Trade Ware Housing Zone (Deemed Foreign Territory)
  • Temperature controlled warehouse
  • Packing and Repacking
  • Inventory control
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • And many more